It's not about the choices we make in the past, it's about the choices we make in the future..

Yo dad it’s your birthday again this year! Thank you for being my dad for the past 19 years of my life. I know as I grow up you always be affectionate, concerned and butt annoying father when I always argue with you on laundry. You are always wiser than mom in many ways that probably why I share a lot of my secrets with you and you were there for me like a friend. Thank you for being my alarm clock too. And Happy Birthday Daddy ❤️ I love you and l’m glad you have a wonderful birthday today! #birthday #daddy #family #love

@seungriseyo #getwellsoon No matter how long. We will wait for you to fully recover. VIPs miss you. Stay Healthy Maknae… 🐼🐼🐼 #seungri #getwellsoonseungri #vip #victory #승리

Try understanding before you judge someone. #quote #howifeel


A guy who likes Samsung but is using an Iphone

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away -Anonymous
#quote #qotd #love

Happy Birthday to my wonderful unnie @nuruyuya :)
Thank you for being the most kind and warmhearted person I’ve ever known. I love you sis and let’s have awesome birthday party for you soon!!!! #VIP #sister #love #bdaygirl

With the guys at Upper 6 Farewell Party #throwback #boys #teacher #upper6 #memories

#quote #qotd #theadoreroosevelt #respect all #woman that exist in your lifetime

People Who Skip Breakfast Are More Prone to Feelings of Unhappiness, Anger and Depression



As cliché as it sounds, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why is this saying so popular? Breakfast is important for overall health – both mental and physical. Studies show that people who start the day by having a solid breakfast have better mood than those who eat nothing. The Food and Mood Project, for example, showed that 55 percent of the participants found eating breakfast a helpful strategy. But why exactly is having breakfast so beneficial?

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Creativity and Depression: What Causes The Link?



The World Health Organization estimates that over 121 million people worldwide suffer from some form of depression. It is one of the world’s most common mental disorders and with 30% of sufferers attempting suicide, I’m not lying when I say that depression kills. With the…


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